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Apple has sold 500 million iPhones as of the start of March. That’s the word from a new report which has brought together the number of official sales up until Apple’s last reported quarter and added it to analysts' projections for the first three months of 2014.

472 million iPhones were sold between 2007 and December 2013. Taking the 42 million projected sales of Morgan Stanley and the average of 38 million sales suggested by other analysts, Forbes reckons Apple broke the 500 million barrier on or around March 8th.

Interestingly, sales of iPhones appear to be speeding up, with Apple reaching the current milestone six weeks faster than when it made it to 400 million devices sold.

While Apple has been more than happy to celebrate billions of app sales and even the 30th anniversary of the Mac, it seems to be keeping quiet on this one until the official numbers are in at the start of April.

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The idea of Apple embracing anything related to Google Android is always met with scorn.

Steve Wozniak, co–founder of the Cupertino company, asked earlier this year why Apple shouldn’t just make an Android phone?

His idea was laughed out of town, even if there was a kernel of truth in the fact that it could help Apple colonise the lower–end of the market where it’s perceived to be struggling.

Yet the latest rumbling about an Apple/Android mash–up isn’t quite so far–fetched.

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The gold edition of the Galaxy S5 will be available on other networks apart from Vodafone, after it emerged that a deal that gave the carrier exclusive rights to sell the gold model is strictly time-limited.

It had initially been thought that Voda had secured indefinite rights to sell what’s tipped to the most in-demand colourway of Samsung’s 2014 flagship smartphone.

However, since then O2 has listed the gold model for sale on its site, exploding that idea.

To clear things up, we’ve asked around and checked Voda’s forums and have since established that in fact the network’s exclusivity period lasts for 28 days from launch.

We also got in touch with O2's press people, who confirmed that while the gold edition won't be available on its network from day one, it will be accepting pre-orders for that colourway soon.

But in the interests of staying within the strictures of Voda’s arrangement with Samsung, O2 won’t be able to launch pre-orders for said handset until May 9th. That’s four weeks after the phone officially hits retail on April 11th.

If you want the blue, black or white edition, you can pre-order it on O2 from March 28th. That’s the same date it goes on pre-order on Vodafone in all those colourways, plus the gold edition.

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Samsung could break with form for its next Galaxy S flagship phone, reports suggest, with the range’s trademark SUPER AMOLED screens set to make way for LCD displays.

According to sources cited by Korean sites, the Galaxy S5 could be the first-ever handset in the line to feature an LCD panel. Samsung’s shift is purportedly to make cost savings.

The move, news of which was brought to us in the West by the Galaxy-fixated folk over at Sam Mobile and G for Games, could free up funding for extra features, with LCD screens cutting Samsung's outlay by as much as 20%.

The cheaper screen tech could clear the way for the metal shell that many industry-watchers have been lobbying Samsung to include in a Galaxy S smartphone for some time.

Although by no means badly received overall, the Galaxy S4's plastic build came in for heavy criticism and was widely unfavourably compared with the HTC One’s handsome aluminium unibody construction.

An LCD screen could also help deflect carping in recent years that AMOLED screens don’t offer the same, true-to-life colour reproduction as rival technologies.

Other mooted features for the Galaxy S5 included a Touch ID-style biometric technology, albeit using a retina-scanner, and a 20-megapixel camera.

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Samsung's Galaxy S5 is rumoured to be touching down in February, and it could come with a diamond-coated metal body, if the latest murmurings are to be believed.

According to rumours, Samsung is experimenting with a "diamond metal surface treatment technology". This involves blasting carbon with high temperatures in the same way that's used to make diamonds.

This is to make it more hardwearing. "If the metal case is coated with a diamond material, vulnerabilities to scratches and deformation can be redressed," is how ETNews puts it.

ETNews also repeated the rumour we reported earlier this week, that Samsung plans to implement an iris scanner in the S5. This would let you unlock your handset just by looking at it.

Samsung is also reportedly experimenting with a 64-bit octa-core processor, a display with a pixel-per-inch count of 560ppi, and 3GB of RAM.

Chuck in an iris scanner and diamond-coated metal body, and you've got quite a phone.

But the S5 probably won't have all of these technologies, ETNews notes, as that would make the device too expensive.

Which it does come packing, we'll have to wait and see.